xCELLigence Technical Webinar: Utilizing a Label-Free Real-Time Cell Analysis Technology for Immuno-Oncology Applications

About this Webinar
Cancer immunotherapies harness and enhance the innate power of the immune system to eliminate cancer cells and have been highly successful in the clinic in recent years. Common in vitro assays used to evaluate immune cell killing are endpoint assays that do not capture the non-linear nature of this cytolysis. The xCELLigence potency assay is a label-free, non-destructive assay that enables the measurement of complete immune cell killing kinetics from single samples. Further, the measurement is performed under physiological conditions (37°C/CO2/humidity). This assay provides long-term killing kinetics reminiscent of the “serial killing” nature of immune cells in vivo, at effector concentrations similar to those observed in vivo. Several recent publications have demonstrated the ability of this assay to predict in vivo outcomes.

During this webinar, Dr. Mittal will demonstrate the advantages of utilizing xCELLigence cell analysis technology as an automated, high-throughput screening platform to evaluate immune cell killing in vitro, using recent examples from the literature including checkpoint inhibitor, ADCC, cytolytic T cells (including CAR-T), NK cells, etc.

About the Presenter
Nikhil (Nick) Mittal, Ph.D.

Dr. Nikhil (Nick) Mittal received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA) in 2010. Following postdoctoral training at Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston) and the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (Singapore), he joined ACEA Biosciences as a field application scientist in 2017.

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