WEBINAR: Flow Cytometry: Simplifying Assay Panel Design and WorkFLOW

About this Webinar

Researchers and flow cytometry users spend a significant amount of time designing flow assay panels and analyzing their samples.

In this webinar, viewers will have the chance to learn about  tools and recent developments in flow cytometry  that simplify assay design and workflow. Our speakers will explore the capabilities of benchtop and cost-effective flow cytometry systems and the easiest way to design flow panels.

Webinar Features

  • Design and capabilities of a NovoCyte flow cytometer
  • New features that simplify setup, acquisition, and analysis
  • How to design multicolor fluorescent panels using FluoroFinder’s experiment design platform
  • Tips for building better panels in less time

Featured Speakers:

Garret Guenther, Ph.D.
ACEA Biosciences.

Jeff Jensen, Ph.D.
FluoroFinder, LLC