ASCB 2016 Tech Seminar: Label-Free Real-Time Monitoring of Immune Cell-Mediated Killing Using Cellular Impedance

Utilization of a Label-Free Real-Time Cell Analysis Technology for Cancer Immunotherapy Applications

Speaker: Brandon Lamarche, Ph.D.
Research Scientist at ACEA Biosciences, Inc.

Critical to the development and optimization of novel cancer immunotherapeutics is an efficient and quantitative in vitro immune cell killing assay that is capable of predicting the long-term killing kinetics of immune cells in vivo. Traditional cell killing assays are labor intensive endpoint assays that normally require labels. In contrast, the automated xCELLigence assay offers a label-free real-time alternative to quantify immune cell killing kinetics under physiological conditions over time scales ranging from minutes to days. This talk will provide an overview of the xCELLigence technology, and will provide examples of its use in a variety of immunotherapy applications.