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ACEA Presents xCELLigence Research Grant to Dr. Teresa Krabbe

German scientist will employ xCELLigence Real Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) technology to develop an oncolytic virus and use T cell … Continued

Virus Fitness Comparisons

Whether it’s assessing the degree to which a virus has been attenuated, comparing the cytolytic properties of two different field … Continued

Oncolytic Viruses

Oncolytic virotherapy is a promising cancer treatment that uses a replication-competent virus to selectively infect and kill cancer cells. While … Continued

Virucide Efficacy

Virucide usage is extremely common, particularly within farming, veterinary, and hospital environments. Virucides prevent infection from ever occurring by inactivating … Continued

Antiviral Drug Studies

The plaque reduction assay (PRA) is the gold standard phenotypic method to determine virus susceptibilities to antiviral drugs. Cells are … Continued

Neutralizing Antibody Detection & Quantification

The ability of the xCELLigence system to track virus-induced CPEs in real-time can be employed for detecting and quantifying neutralizing … Continued

Virus Titer Determination

The traditional measurement of viral titers often involve cytopathic effect (CPE) quantification by plaque-based assays or tissue culture infectious dose … Continued

Using xCELLigence for Virology Studies

Virus-induced cytopathic effects (CPEs) can involve changes in host cell morphology, reduced cell-cell and cell-substrate attachment strength, and host cell … Continued