Infectious Diseases

Tim Howell xCELLigence

Imagine being able to study pathogen fitness and behavior in real-time

Now you can. By monitoring viral infections and bacterial biofilms continuously in an automated, non-invasive, and label-free manner the xCELLigence® Real-Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) instruments open up a whole new world of research possibilities.

Virology studies:

Objective quantification: Subjective human observation of cytopathic effects are replaced with objective real-time data.

Reduced workload: No more plaque assays. Once cells are infected no further user involvement is required. Data is continuously recorded over assay windows spanning minutes to weeks.

Diverse applications: Viral titer determination, neutralizing antibody studies, drug screening, oncolytic viruses, etc.


Bacterial biofilm studies:

Continuous monitoring: Track biofilm formation and/or dissipation in real time to reveal behavioral details that are missed by end point assays.

Streamlined workflow: Seed cells and walk away. Staining, washing, and spectrophotometric analysis are eliminated. Data is continuously recorded for anywhere from minutes to days/weeks.

Remarkable flexibility: Quorum sensing, clinical theranostics, screening for biofilm preventing or disrupting compounds, multispecies co-culture, etc.

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Featured xCELLigence RTCA systems for infectious disease studies:

Dual Purpose Single Plate  Multi Plate High Throughput
3×16 wells 1×96 wells 6×96 wells Up to 4×384 wells