AAI 2016 Annual Meeting | Seattle, WA | May 13-17, 2016

ACEA BiosciencesEvent

ACEA Biosciences will be exhibiting, and hosting a technology workshop at the AAI 2016 Annual Meeting, May 13-17 in Seattle, WA. Come by and see us at Booth #2208.

AAI 2016 conference will be hosted at the Washington State Convention Center, and is currently open to registration for all attendees! View registration information Here.

Attend our Technology Workshop Saturday May 14th, 12:30-1:15pm in Workshop Room #2

Development of Immunotherapy Potency Assays Using Real-Time Cell Analysis and Flow Cytometry

Presenters: Fabio Cerignoli, PhD., and Garret Guenther, PhD, Application Scientist, ACEA Biosciences

In this workshop we will present a complete workflow that combines the power of xCELLigence real-time cell analysis together with the NovoCyte flow cytometer for a comprehensive effector-mediated potency assay.  We will show the validation conducted with antibodies and effector cells such as NK, CTLs, and CART on both solid and liquid tumor cell lines. Furthermore, we will also present data that demonstrates how this system could be used for evaluating antibodies in ADCC assays, Bi-specific T cell engagers in addition to checkpoint inhibitors.