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E-Plate Inserts are single use, disposable devices used for performing cell-cell interaction assays on the RTCA DP, SP, MP or iCELLigence Instruments. The E-Plate Insert comprises a plate cover (lid), the insert device itself, and a lower receiver plate (Figure 1). The insert device has 16 wells that are sealed at the bottom with a microporous polyethylene terephthalate (PET) membrane. The median pore size of the membrane is 0.4μm. The receiver plate has 16 wells, each of which serves as a reservoir for media to pre-equilibrate the insert device and cells prior to assembly in an E-Plate.

E-Plate Insert Highlights

• Single use
• Allows for dynamic monitoring of cell-cell interactions
• Optimal pore size for chemical diffusion without cell migration through the membrane
• Biocompatible surface
• Well-to-well spacing matches that of conventional microtiter plates
• Access port of insert device enables easy access to lower wells